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 A little meeting

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PostSubject: A little meeting   Sun Sep 23, 2012 10:05 pm

Once Jericho got that summons from the dean of the school he knew what was coming to him. It was sort of like walking into a bears cave, but a bear would at least kill you rather then blow your ear off. He's been called to the dean's office more than once while working at the school, possibly more than any student on campus. It was kind of a ritual of sorts, most of the office staff knew when it was coming and expected it at least sometime in the month. This heart to heart call however was due to his miss-happening with a spell he had tried a couple of days ago, a spell that released a few...well maybe a dozen, of hellhounds out onto the campus. It wasn't entirely his fault, though he was most likely going to have whirl trying to convince Evelyn of that. Anything he did, whether big or small, was always his fault no matter what. Well, at least that was what it looked like to him; then again he will have to wait and see now won't he?

In his usually late 1800's attire, he slicked back his hair with a pipe dawned on his lips as a stream of smoke escaped the tobacco chamber. He had both hands in his pockets as he walked, his dress shoes making a click-clack patter with every step. Jericho looked unfazed by the situation, and why should he? He knew it wasn't his fault, plus this call was sort of the usual manner for him either way so it wouldn't bother him either so. Also he was going to figure the entire situation out...eventually anyway. Most likely this situation will get his ass in gear to actually figure things out before more people get hurt or worse. As he walked through the campus however the students took notice to him and his direction of where he was going. The students smiled at him while shaking their heads, Jericho smirked back at them. "What? Can't a professor visit the dean of the school without having to be in some sort of trouble"?

However finally after a few minutes of walking he made it to the front office, it hadn't change a bit since his long, long absence. He looked to the receptionist shaking his head a bit with a smile and his left brow raised a bit. "Good tomorrow. I have an esthetic meeting with Evelyn, and if you don't mind me asking how is her mood this evening"? The receptionist looked at him and shook her head; Jericho chuckled a bit raising both his eyebrows. Well this was going to be fun for the old demon. Nodding his head at the receptionist, he took a few steps towards the dean's door, placed a hand on the handle and breathed in slowly. As he walked in he saw the dean, he then started to quickly look around the room. "Quite a lovely thing you did here. Did you change the color to match the brooding that goes on here?" he joked.
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PostSubject: Re: A little meeting   Mon Sep 24, 2012 1:19 pm

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Evelyn always found out everything, but she was Dean of course, it was her job. It may take her some time and research but she always found out what she wanted, and she had found out who set the hellhounds loose….and now was time for that person to pay the price for it. She had to admit when she was told it was a professor who had done it she had been surprised and quite upset, she had assumed all this time it had been a student, not a trusted member of her staff. But when they told her who the professor is, that shock rather went away as she couldn’t say the actual name of the professor surprised her. She had dealt with Jericho before, but he had never truly been a gigantic nuisance to her or someone who had ever got the full extent of her wrath. Well, now she supposed he would. No one harmed her school and students without repercussions.

Evelyn was sitting behind her desk when he opened the door, her eyes locked on him as he walked into the room. She looked calm…very eerily calm as she looked him over, the type of tranquility any sane person would know was dangerous coming from the Dean. She gave him a smile that didn’t reach her eyes at his joke but simply motioned to the chair across the desk from her “Please, sit down Mr. Macgrath” She put her hands primly on her lap as she watched him “How has your position as the head of the science department been treating you? I hope well. It is quite the privilege, being able to have access to so much here” She leaned forward slightly, her eyes not once blinking or moving away from him….the sort of expression on her face like a lion who has a zebra pinned down, but doesn’t quite want to eat it yet.

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A little meeting
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