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 Time Goes By

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PostSubject: Re: Time Goes By   Sat Nov 10, 2012 11:56 pm

There was nothing quite like waking Arian. Too many years he had spent on the run, now in his old age he had learned to enjoy sleeping. Once he was out he was a force to be reckoned with, a bear to be woken from hibernation. But it would seem the bear had to be woken at some point… far too soon in his opinion.

When Ari heard voices he stirred, pulling Eliza closer unconsciously. Even in sleep he was protective of her. His free arm draped over his eyes and he groaned at the excess light coming into the room. Not even the smell of food had him jumping out of bed. Instead he took his time to wake up, and by ‘take his time’ I mean he groaned and held fast to Eliza’s waist so she wouldn’t leave his side and he could sleep longer.

“It’s seven a.m?” The wolf said in a groggy voice. What time had they even gone to sleep? It seemed like only ten minutes ago that he had fallen asleep beside her. Finally the scent of food had Arian sit up, his hair messed up all over and his normally bright blue eyes dazed and squinting at the sunlight.

“Does Niles always wake you up like that?” The wolf questioned as he looked to Eliza, then turned to the tray of food at his feet. The butler knew him too well already, and within a few moments Arian was digging happily into his bountiful breakfast.
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PostSubject: Re: Time Goes By   Sun Nov 11, 2012 4:10 pm

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[Only admins are allowed to see this image]It was nice waking up to someone in bed with you. To feel strong arms around her waist holding her close, it made her feel wanted, needed, even loved. Gaining the love a Viking was even better.

"Seven o'five actually." the bulter said matter-of-factly before excusing himself from Eliza's room to continue with his duties. Eliza groaned and stretched her back and neck popping loudly. She didn't want to wake up, she wanted to be lazy and do nothing. But that wasn't who she was so instead she sat up and moved Arian's messy hair out of his face with a smile. "Every morning. I am a busy woman remember. Normally I wake up earlier than this."

Pulling her tray closer to her she laid back against the fluffy pillows, at least what few remained, and poured herself some tea and opened the paper. It would seem Arian was enjoying his breakfast, good, Niles liked cooking and if Arian stayed around Niles would make him breakfast in bed, lunch in bed, and dinner in bed if need be. Eliza didn't eat human food, but enjoyed the smell of it. Though she did enjoy that burger last night but becoming human only to die again might be a bit overkill just to have a burger once a year.

"What would you like to do today? Since Niles took the liberty of clearing my schedule." No doubt she would hear complaining come tomorrow morning but for today it was simply her and Arian.


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Time Goes By
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